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Below is a quick overview of the Services we offer.

bulletMedical Management/Case Evaluation
bulletHome Care Alternative
bulletLife Care Plans
bulletIndustrial Consulting


A unique service provided by Directions Management Services is that of courtesy FILE ASSESSMENTS. If you, the customer, have questions regarding the appropriateness of case referral, one of our professionals will review the file and make necessary recommendations for case direction.

Our account representative is available to visit your office for RECEIPT OF REFERRAL if desired. He/she will review the file as necessary, complete the referral form, copy medicals and will be readily available to discuss case direction and requests you may have. This should save you valuable time. If desired, the REFERRAL may be phoned, mailed, emailed or faxed to our office.

Upon receipt of referral, the CASE IS ASSIGNED to the appropriate case manager based on geographical location and clinical expertise. This ensures cost effectiveness and quality casework. CASE ASSIGNMENT IS MADE WITHIN 24 HOURS AFTER RECEIPT OF REFERRAL.

You, the customer, will receive written notice of the assigned case manager and he/she will review the file within two (2) working days and actively begin casework.

Several contacts may be initiated by the case manager. If the claimant is represented by an ATTORNEY, the case manager will inform him/her by phone of our involvement in the claimant's rehabilitation. The attorney's awareness of rehab involvement is documented via letter to the attorney as well.

The CLAIMANT is phoned within two (2) days of receipt of referral to coordinate the initial interview. Whenever possible, the interview is scheduled to coincide with the PHYSICIAN'S appointment. This enhances cost-effective rehabilitation. If unable to reach the claimant by phone, a certified letter is sent and the account is copied of this notification.

At the initial interview, the case manager secures WRITTEN AUTHORIZATION from the claimant allowing case activity to begin. This provides us with permission to secure needed medical/vocational information and to speak with all parties involved in the rehabilitation process. The claimant is also provided with the case manager's business card to facilitate communication.

The INITIAL INTERVIEW is the time all information is secured to complete an in-depth initial report (i.e. medical status, therapies, activities of daily living, equipment needs, vocational/educational history, etc.).

Following the claimant interview, the case manager meets with the PHYSICIAN. The claimant may or may not be present depending on the circumstances. The purpose of physician interview is to obtain diagnosis, prognosis, treatment plan, projected RTW/MMI, possible impairments, prescribed activity level, etc. in order to establish a comprehensive rehabilitation plan as well as established goals for case management.

EMPLOYER contact may also be initiated by the case manager. An on-site visit to the job is often desired to determine the feasibility of the claimant's returning to that job. The case manager can also coordinate job modifications and/or light duty work as an option allowing the claimant to return to the same employer.

These initial contacts are made and an INITIAL REPORT is generated and sent to you, our customer, within four (4) weeks of receipt of referral. If extenuating circumstances arise, you will be notified by the case manager as soon as possible.

The INITIAL REPORT consists of all pertinent information secured from the initial interviews. The case manager will provide you with short and long term goals for your claimant along with projected MMI and RTW dates. The case manager also provides you with recommendations for further casework as needed to achieve these goals. It is up to you, the carrier, to approve these recommendations for further casework.

FOLLOW-UP case management activities include ongoing medical management and promoting a return to all feasible prior activities of daily living, including employment. Activity may consist of coordinating therapy, obtaining appropriate equipment, initiating work hardening, facilitating return to work and motivational support to the claimant. Physician appointments are attended as well in order to confirm the recommended treatment plan and coordinate appropriately the projections for maximum medical improvement/return to work. The claimant's potential for returning to maximum productivity is greatly enhanced by having a case manager coordinate the case progress, as an objective third-party intermediary.


ACTIVITY REPORTS are generated at least on a monthly basis to inform you of the claimant's present status and of activities that occurred during the reporting period. Reports are generated on a more frequent basis if status or activities warrant such. Reports are generated within four to five (4-5) working days following the last significant activity.

CASE CLOSURE is recommended by the case manager when the claimant reaches medical stability and returns to a productive lifestyle. Following discussion and agreement to close the case, a FINAL REPORT is generated and indicates the successful accomplishment of goals.